Køge Business College

Køge, Denmark

Køge Business College (Køge Handelsskole) is a major regional educational Institution. In close collaboration with businesses and organisations, it develops educations, activities, projects, courses at all levels. KBC provides and distributes educations for all stages of lifelong learning on which the welfare of the society depends. It has a high cultural diversity hosting students from different backgrounds and countries, so it values multiculturalism and tolerance. Køge Business College guides its students towards a personal and professional harmonious development in an active European citizenship and social inclusion in order to bring a great contribution, to prepare the necessary generations with open-minded mentality and with a better understanding of others cultures and other people’s needs and requirements.


Minderhout, Belgium

The Asturia is founded in 2014 and is a project financed training center, acknowledged by Ministry of Education of Flanders. The institution is a leading and sustainable training center in the fields of languages, Dutch for foreigners, economics, health care, vocational training and IT in Flanders. The center has actively functioning national and international collaboration network, whose aim is to establish prerequisites for all the graduates for successful coping in the labour market and everyday life by unified qualitative training.

Amazing Education

Puerto De la Cruz, Spain, Tenerife

“Amazing Education” is a civil association, adult, youth, autonomous, non-profit, without any political or religious and independent link in terms of funding. It is legally registered in the Registry of Associations of the Canary Islands. “Amazing Education” organizes local and international activities such as adults/youth, cultural, linguistic and educational exchanges, meetings, talks, congresses, participation in European mobility programs. It promotes the ideal of Europe, democracy, human rights, tolerance and youth mobility through European collaboration, participation and integration.

Kreateam NGO

Eger, Hungary

The main function of the KreaTeam Association is to focus on the opportunities of young people and adults to provide services that promote the expansion of the knowledge to them in the fields of community building, skills development, dealing with impact of EU integration.KreaTeam Association improves literacy of young people to promote life; organizes youth and adult educational events; helps EU integration of young people; supports for competence development mainly through e-learning; helps to create dialogues between the different age groups and generations; organizes camps, community-building programs; helps the boosting of community life; builds relations with other youth organizations; organizes competence development trainings, courses.

NEFELI – Nucleo Educativo per la Formazione Europea al Lavoro Internazionale

Treviso, Italy

NEFELI is a new educational organization born with idea to empower civil society to get a better future looking beyond the national borders.Their trainers and international experts provide a comprehensive service covering all educational needs of their members.

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